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The first step in any representation is to learn the ins and outs of a client’s business so that we can educate elected leaders and governmental bodies to make our client more successful. We strive to provide our clients with a seat at the table with legislators, executive branch officials, and agencies. We are well versed in lobbying laws and regulations, and we advocate for our clients’ goals while navigating state and local governments. 

Economic Development and Business Law

We represent clients seeking public funding for economic development projects and creating public-private partnerships. Our experience includes helping our clients obain funding for mixed-use projects, waterfront marina facilities, city and regional transportation facilities, exciting entertainment venues and many other game changing projects. As experienced lobbyists and business lawyers, we possess the skills and contacts to assist clients with a wide range of economic development needs.  

Public Procurement

State and local governments purchase goods and services from the private sector, and the procurement process can be complicated and confusing. We assist clients through all phases of procurement, from the introduction of a product or service to an agency, to the completion and submission of a proposal, and through the prosecution or defense of a bid protest. 

Agency and Board Representation

Regulatory rules and compliance play a major role for many businesses.  Having the right advocate in your corner that knows the intricacies and players involved in a regulatory investigation or hearing can be essential to the livelihood of an individual or business.  We work closely with our clients to provide effective advocacy when it is needed most.

Local Government

Businesses and individuals face challenges at the local level.  Whether facing the imposition of a burdensome city ordinance, or a permitting dispute before county officials, we vigorously represent the interests of our clients. 

Government Relations


Simply put, we help clients establish relationships with elected and other public policy leaders and staff. Those vital relationships often lead to policy that provides for a favorable environment for the goals of our clients. Enhancing political relationships and increased participation in the political process prove very beneficial to those that we represent.

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